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Wednesday, 24 May 2017


I pray for love
I pray for love, love Love
While I pray, 
I think of love
I think of love, love, Love
I pray
I think
I love
I bathe in Love
Love penetrates all my pores
It streams in my blood
Love, love, Love

Thoughts of love are so much involved in the process, whenever I pray, . It is almost impossible to think about our God and not think about love, or Love (with the capital L). And yet for so many people in this world, prayer is more of mechanically repeating a few phrases they memorized a long time ago without giving it a lot of thought. Once we start to think, and think deeply while we pray, our prayers tend to get so much more meaningful. 

Many people see prayer a sacrifice of their time, that they make for God.
Once we pray with mind and heart and soul, it does not longer feel like that.
It starts to feel like prayer is something we do from within,  for ourselves.
The deep thinking somehow brings us a bit closer to the highest spiritual level
and this experience is so important, so good, that prayer becomes a joy.

Friday, 7 April 2017

My sons

My sons,
I pray for you.

May our dear God give you wisdom
Wisdom to live a life filled with goodness.
Goodness from you to others
and goodness from others to you.
Wisdom to live a life filled with sharing
A life filled with joy and peace of mind
A life filled genuine happiness and honesty
A life filled with respect from you and for you.

May our dear God give you love
a life filled with love
a loving wife and loving children
loving friends and loving neighbors.
Our hearts are full of love
May our dear God help you to bring it out
to give it away to all around you
to receive love from all around you.

May our dear God protect you
and give you a life of safety
and good health
protect you from evil friends
from excessive sin

May our dear God show you His path
and inspire you to follow it
Cause if we follow His path
peace and joy and happiness
flows from within to flood
our soul, heart, mind and body.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


My God,
Give me endless compassion
Give me endless love
endless kindness
and abundant wealth

Give the wisdom to value
endless love, endless kindness
and endless compassion,
at least as much as
abundant wealth

If I will manage this,
I will have a life full,
filled with love, kindness
filled with compassion
and yes also abundant wealth